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Caramelised Tomato Balsamic


Taste the tanginess of caramelised tomatoes in all your dishes. Use Caramelised tomato balsamic with salads, fresh and cooked vegetables, pasta, and pizza to give an extra kick to your taste buds.

Flavour Profile

Sweet, savoury, and a little bit acidic.

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Made using the finest bush tomatoes in Australia, the caramelised tomato balsamic is a valuable addition to your condiments rack. It is ideal for use over freshly roasted and fried vegetables, and a variety of meats too. It is an excellent replacement for your tomato puree and canned tomatoes, for a few spoons of this thick balsamic will bring in the tomato taste into your cooking.

Made From

The bush tomatoes are finely mashed and the pulp is then mixed with balsamic vinegar. White sugar, palm sugar, and brown sugar are then added to this mixture. After a few minutes of cooking, potato starch is added to thicken the vinegar. The end result is a thick syrup that is rich in tomato flavours. All the ingredients used in the process are of high quality, for the product comes from the famous Robinvale Estate in Australia. They make all their balsamic and syrups by hand using fruits and vegetables grown in their own land.

Best Used for

The caramelised tomato balsamic compliments many green dishes by adding a touch of savoury sweetness to them. The rich, and flavourful balsamic glaze can be used over roasted vegetables like zucchini and pumpkin or a salad made of the same veggies with capsicum added to them. It also goes well over freshly cooked asparagus and green beans. Drizzle it over asparagus, chargrilled vegetables, bruschetta, or blanched green beans.

Pairs With

The caramelised tomato balsamic pairs well with the Agrumato Olive Oil collection, or Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It can also be used alongside different cheeses and added to a cheese platter.

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