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  • Burns Twice Hot Sauce 13/10 BURN $22.00

    Like the name says, it will burn your tongue twice! This hot sauce from Grumpy Gary’s is made with a lot of chillies and very little sympathy. Be warned though, this sauce is only for people who can handle the heat.

    Flavour Profile

    Hot, Hot, and Hot!

  • Butt Tickler Hot Sauce 11/10 BURN $16.50

    Well, we lied. It does more than tickle. You can get offended by its name, but you will surely be surprised by its taste. Grumpy Gary’s Butt Tickler Hot Sauce is reserved only for people who can handle high levels of spice! Buy it if you think you can handle it. We dare you!

    Flavour Profile

    Spicy, Hot, and Flaming.

  • Game Over Cocktail Mixer $27.00

    A non-alcoholic mixer for your favourite drinks, it gives a unique flavour profile that gives you a bit of sweet, sour and definitely spicy taste. It elevates the taste of your cocktails and keeps you dumbfounded. 

    Flavour Profile

    Sweet, Savoury, Spicy and Sour.

  • The Ripper Hot Sauce 17/10 BURN $27.00

    The Grim Reaper takes your soul, while The Ripper Takes away your taste buds. This is the hottest sauce from Grumpy Gary’s and you definitely want to taste it atleast once in your life! Beware, this is not for the faint-hearted. 

    Flavour Profile

    Spicy with a chance of tears from your eyes.

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