SAORI Ponzu (Citrus Soya) Japanese Sauce

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Enhance flavours on your seafood, meats, and vegetables with Saori’s Ponzu or Citrus Soy sauce. Ideal for use as a dressing and as a sauce, this ponzu is a must have in your dining table.

Flavour Profile

Salty, Tangy, and Sweet.

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Saori’s Citrus Soy Sauce is a perfect balance of flavours and can be used with all kinds of grilled meats. Use it over any dish from any cuisine from around the world and you will be surprised by the taste it adds to them. It is the sauce of choice in Japan over sea food like oysters, sushi, sashimi, and tofu. Just a few drops of this wonderful sauce will transform your dishes into flavourful delights.

Made From

Saori Ponzu is made using Japanese fermented soy sauce, mixed with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, mirin or fermented rice wine, kombu dashi or seaweed stock, Australian oranges, Australian lemons, and sea salt. The ingredients are mixed well and let to ferment until the juicy sauce is extracted and packed up.

Best Used For

Saori’s Ponzu is ideal for all kinds of meats and vegetables. Sprinkle a few drops of the sauce over your salads to give them a tangy kick, or use it as a dip for your dumplings, and sushi. Marinate fish, prawns, cray fish, lobsters, and other sea foods in the citrus soy sauce before frying them for an excellent snack. Use it as a dressing over fresh salads made of raw tomatoes, avocados, carrots, onions, and fresh greens.

Pairs with

The Ponzu can be paired with butter, it can be added to your gravy, and it makes an excellent alternative to Iodized salt. Mix it with your marinade and apply it over steak, chicken, and pork before roasting them.

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1 review for SAORI Ponzu (Citrus Soya) Japanese Sauce

  1. Byron Redhead

    Saori’s Citrus Soy Sauce has become a staple in my kitchen. Its versatility knows no bounds – from marinating seafood to dressing salads, it never fails to impress. I love the combination of Japanese fermented soy sauce with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar; it creates a rich and satisfying flavor profile. Whether I’m grilling meats or simply drizzling it over steamed vegetables, this sauce always adds that extra layer of deliciousness. A must-have condiment for any food lover’s pantry!

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