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  • Garlicky BBQ Sauce $16.50

    This BBQ sauce will hit your taste buds with a lot of flavour, for it is loaded with garlic, tamarind, dates and your favourite spices. Use it over your steaks, chicken, pork, and also sea foods such as shrimps, squids, and lobsters before putting them on the grill.

    Flavour Profile

    Sweet, and Tangy, with a bit of Spice.

  • Teriyaki Sauce $16.50

    The Teriyaki Sauce from Grumpy Gary has the depth of flavour that makes it the best marinade and brush-on sauce for all types of meats, and dishes. Use it fresh from the bottle or mix it with fresh onions, and vegetables to add extra taste.

     Flavour Profile

    Sweet, Savoury, Tangy and Salty.

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