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Caramelised Raspberry Balsamic


Enjoy the taste of raspberries in your salads, grilled chicken, beef, and fish with a sprinkle of caramelised raspberry balsamic vinegar. 

Flavour Profile

Sweet, sour, and a hint of tanginess.

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The Caramelised Raspberry Balsamic is one of the rarest vinegars in the market. Ideal for a variety of dishes, this vinegar gives a fruity twist to all your salads, chicken, salmon, and more. It is better to stack a couple of bottles of this unique, gourmet dressing in your kitchen, and use it all year long. 

Made From

Made using the finest raspberries sourced from the Mildura-Robinvale area in Australia, the balsamic is truly one of a kind. The berries are cooked with vinegar along with potato starch, white sugar, brown sugar, and palm sugar in specific proportions to infuse maximum flavour into the vinegar. The end product is a thick, sweet liquid that is lush with flavour and intensity. 

Best Used for

The sweet, tart taste of the raspberries make it ideal for foods that share the same flavour profile. Use it as a glaze over fresh fruit salads, or a vegetable salad like spinach, peach, onion, and parmesan. It also tastes well over pears, walnuts, and feta cheese. The tartness of raspberries can be used for glazing your grilled salmon, chicken, pork, and steak too. Layer it over gelato or ice cream after a big meal and bring out an amazing dessert. Infuse the flavour into your muffins by adding a few spoons into the dough before baking. Also add a new flavour to your cakes, cookies, and brownies with the balsamic. Add some balsamic with alcohol and make a twisty cocktail with a blueberry punch. The possibilities are endless with this amazing vinegar. 

Pairs with

The caramelised raspberry balsamic vinegar goes well with extra virgin olive oil, cheeses like mozzarella, feta, parmesan, and more.

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