Burns Twice Hot Sauce 13/10 BURN

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Like the name says, it will burn your tongue twice! This hot sauce from Grumpy Gary’s is made with a lot of chillies and very little sympathy. Be warned though, this sauce is only for people who can handle the heat.

Flavour Profile

Hot, Hot, and Hot!

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The Grumpy Gary’s Burns Twice Hot Sauce is made with 61% chillies and it packs quite a lot of punch. It has a raging 13/10 rating on the hotness level, and it will turn you into the master of hotness if you survive its taste. Ideal for BBQs, this sauce can be used over a variety of dishes. Get creative and try it out on all your meals.

Made From

The Burns Twice Hot Sauce is made using three different types of chillies, Habaneros, Carolina Reapers, Red Chillies. Together these chillies make up 61% of the total ingredients. Other items that make their way into the sauce are water, vinegar, garlic, sugar, salt, and spices.

Best Used For

This is the best sauce if you want to make a spicy salsa for your tacos. Lather it over your burritos and make a dish rivalling that of Chipotle’s. Mix some of the sauce into your marinade and apply over chicken, ribs, steaks, and pork. The sauce gives a great flavour to your pulled pork too. Add it to your dumpling stuffings to give them an extra kick. Even better, fry those dumplings over a gravy made with the hot sauce. Spray the sauce over your pizzas and make them hotter.

Pairs with

The Burns Twice Hot Sauce can be paired with Hot Garlic Sauce for a garlicky flavour. The Smokey Hot sauce can be added with it to give your BBQ a great taste.


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2 reviews for Burns Twice Hot Sauce 13/10 BURN

  1. William

    Just tried this Hot Sauce, and let me tell you, it’s a real firecracker! I read the label and found out that it is made from a blend of three intense chillies Habaneros, Carolina Reapers, and Red Chillies. The mixture gives a flavour explosion in your mouth. My advice will be to not to overuse it if it is first time.

  2. Jasmine

    Ideal for BBQ enthusiasts. I went all out and tried it on everything, because I love spiciness. It turned my tacos into a spicy feast, I even mixed it into marinades for chicken, ribs, steaks, and pork. All tastes mind-blowing. You can even pair it with Hot Garlic Sauce for an extra garlicky kick.

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