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Agrumato Chilli & Garlic Olive Oil

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Relish the hot and spicy flavours of chillies and garlics in our extra virgin olive oil. Add it to your regular pastas and breads to give an exotic twist to them. Drizzle on foods or use it for stir frying, either way, you’re in for a treat of tastes. 

Flavour Profile

Hot, Spicy, with a fruity flavour.


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Unleash a tornado of tastes by adding the Chilli & Garlic Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil on pastas, cauliflower, potatoes and even meats like chicken. Infused with the natural herbal taste of garlic and chilli, the extra virgin olive oil will leave you wanting for more of the flavourful oil, every time you use it on your foods.  

Made From

The careful preparation starts by cold pressing the best olives from the Robinvale Estate along with garlic and chillies provide the unique burst of tastes in the oil. Experience a spectrum of tastes in your foods by using the oil for marinating prawns, vegetables, chicken and even beef. Garlic enhances the flavour of your dishes while chillies give the spicy taste to pastas and breads.

Best Used For

The Chilli & Garlic Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best used with your daily foods and desserts. Add it over your cooked pasta or baked breads to give a unique flavour profile for the dishes. Drizzle it over your salads to give an herbal hint for your foods. Best suited for drizzling over steamed or cooked vegetables. Can be used as a marinade for meats and as a flavour enhancer for all foods including Asian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. 

Pairs With

Chilli & Garlic Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best paired with any caramelised balsamic. Chilli elevates the spiciness of your foods while the garlic enhances the flavour and taste of your foods. 


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4 reviews for Agrumato Chilli & Garlic Olive Oil

  1. Habibullah Hazara (verified owner)

    I found this olive oil incredibly versatile – just made for me type. It’s giving an herbal hint to my salad which I personally like for chinese, and Asian cuisines. It has the perfect balance of chilli and garlic; nothing has been unnecessarily added. Yet, it adds strong flavors to my marinades.

  2. Byron Redhea (verified owner)

    Yesterday, I tried this olive oil on pasta, and I can’t express how tasty it turned out. My taste buds could sense the kick of chillies and the mild garlic flavor. The seller claims that it can be used to marinate meats like chicken, and I’ll definitely try this out. Overall, it was a good experience.

  3. Wong Kare

    After a long week, I decided to treat myself to a cozy night in. With a craving for something flavorful but not too heavy, I reached for this oil to spice up my dinner. This oil was just the right thing of zing to my dishes, from simple noodles to my meatballs. It was the perfect way to elevate my solo dining experience. If you’re in the mood to jazz up your meals without the fuss, give this oil a try.

  4. Melissa Kelvis

    This weekend, my grandparents came to visit, and I wanted to try something new in the kitchen. So, I decided to pick up this oil to add a little extra flavor to my dishes without overwhelming them. The combination of chilli and garlic was just what I needed—it gave my meals a nice kick without being too spicy. I tried it on everything from meat to veggies, and it worked like a charm. If you’re looking to add a bit of flair to your cooking, give this oil a shot!

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