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Caramelised Strawberry Balsamic


Taste the freshness of strawberries with the new caramelised strawberry balsamic vinegar. Made from the finest fruits from Australia, this vinegar is ideal for salads, steaks, ice creams and more.

Flavour Profile

Sticky, thick, and sweet with a burst of berries.

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The Caramelized Strawberry Balsamic is one of the many outstanding vinegars that can accentuate your regular dishes to another level. Made from the finest berries from the esteemed Robinvale estate in Australia, this balsamic goes through a series of steps before it reaches its final, exquisite taste. 

Made From

Fresh berries from the farms of Australia are cut, and sliced before mixing with brown sugar, white sugar, palm sugar, and potato starch. This mixture is then cooked with the best balsamic vinegar until all their essence seeps into the vinegar. The natural sweet and sour taste from the strawberries turn the acidic vinegar into a sweet, thick fluid which is then bottled and brought to the market. 

Best Used for

The caramelised strawberry balsamic is the perfect base for a summer salad of spinach, almonds, tomatoes, feta cheese, and spring onions, with a little pepper sprinkled over them all. You can add it to your chargrilled vegetables or marinated steak, chicken, and prawns.  A splash of the vinegar at the end of boiling a soup will give it an extra punch. The sweetness of the balsamic makes it an ideal topping over desserts such as pound cakes, and over vanilla ice cream. You can also make soda and cocktails with this exquisite flavour. Add it with soda water or sparkling mineral water to make a sweet drink, or mix it with bourbon and rye and bring out a new cocktail to sip. 

Pairs with

The Caramelised Strawberry Balsamic pairs well with extra virgin olive oil, and also with sour cheese, feta, blue cheese, and even mozzarella.

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