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Chilli, Garlic & Verjuice Salad Dressing

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Give a spicy spin to your salads with this chilli & garlic infused verjuice dressing. If you are a fitness aficionado who likes healthy salads, this dressing is a must have in your home.

Flavour Profile

Hot, spicy, aromatic, with a tinge of tartness.

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The Chilli, Garlic, Verjuice Dressing is a top choice for people who are looking to spice up their everyday meals. The flavours of chilli and garlic infused into the acidity of verjuice, makes this dressing an exceptional flavouring agent for many green dishes. You can use it over your salads, both vegetable salads, and meat based salads, and also on dishes like noodles, and fried rice to give them an extra spice punch. 

Made from

First, freshly picked chillies are cold pressed with high quality garlic infused olive oil. Next, verjuice is then slowly introduced into the mixture and the three ingredients are slowly mixed together. Sugar, mustard, onion, and salt are then added to the mixture and ground together until the texture becomes uniform. The pulp is then crushed to extract the rich, flavourful paste which is then packed into a bottle.

Best Used For

Delicious with mixed salads, rocket & squid salad, rocket & calamari salad, fresh cabbage, spinach based dishes, fried rice & noodles, beef noodle salad, etc. It can also be used as a dipping sauce for nachos, fries, & chips. Splash the dressing over your grilled meats to give them an extra hot flavour. It is unconventional, but when it comes to taste, anything goes.

Pairs with

The Chilli, Garlic, & Verjuice Dressing can be used as such, or it can be mixed with cheeses such as parmesan, feta, and blue cheese. The cheeses can add sourness to the hot chilli dressing and bring in a balanced flavour.


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2 reviews for Chilli, Garlic & Verjuice Salad Dressing

  1. Habibullah Hazara

    As an avid food enthusiast, I liked this exciting addition to my every-day meal. My first encounter with this dressing was on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when I decided to experiment with a simple calamari salad. The moment it touched the fresh greens, the aroma of garlic and chili tantalized my senses.

  2. Melissa Kelvis

    One of my favorite pairings has been mixing this dressing with crumbled feta. The creaminess of the cheese perfectly balances the heat of the chili. If you prefer a mild taste yet don’t want to entirely avoid spiciness, go for this chilli garlic verjuice salad dressing. Believe me, it is an awesome ingredient.

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