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Orange & Poppy Seed Salad Dressing

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Our Orange and Poppy Seed Salad Dressing is a great addition to your kitchen, for you can use it all year round on any type of dish you like.

Flavour Profile

Sweet, Tangy, Nutty, and slightly bitter.

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Taste our truly unique Orange & Poppy Seed dressing that is hand-made in Australia. The fresh-tasting dressing is good for all occasions and adds a crunchy texture to your dishes. The poppy seeds provide a great visual appeal and enhances the citrus flavour from the orange. Oranges packed with vitamins, and poppy seeds filled with healthy fats, dietary fibres, and essential minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium, make a great source of nutrition too.

Made From

The orange and poppy seed dressing is made using orange pressed olive oil as its base. Vinegar, sugar, salt, onion, parsley, poppy seed, and garlic extracts are added to the oil and mixed together. The mixture is let to rest until all the flavours saturate in the liquids. It is then cold pressed until all the sweet, aromatic juices are extracted. All this is done by hand at the famous Robinvale Estate in Australia, where they source the ingredients locally or grown them in-house.

Best Used For

The Dressing is a great choice over a variety of dishes. You can try it over your leafy green salads with spinach or arugula. Be sure to include fresh greens, strawberries, mandarin oranges, or avocado to the salads to enhance the flavours. Drizzle the dressing over grain bowls/buddha bowls, over freshly cut fruits and fruit salads. Use it as a marinade for chicken, pork, steak, fish, and tofu. Or, toss your roasted vegetables over the dressing to add more flavours to them.

Pairs with

Orange and Poppy seed dressing pairs well with olive oil, and cheeses like parmesan, feta, and blue cheese.

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2 reviews for Orange & Poppy Seed Salad Dressing

  1. Byron Redhea

    With premium packaging, a good price, and aromatic flavors, this orange poppy seed salad dressing can’t stop impressing my wife. She still applauds my decision to buy it for her, saying that this is one of the best things I’ve done in life. Anyway, I just wanted to escape her typical salad, which I never liked. Now, I’m more happy than her.

  2. Wong Kare

    I’ve bought it to use for parties and housewarming functions at my home, and it is receiving rave reviews. My friends keep asking, What’s your secret? How did you make such a good salad? Now I’m wondering if I should reveal the secret or not. Vinegar, sugar, salt, onion, parsley, poppy seed, and garlic extracts are all perfectly infused together in this bottle.

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