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Creamy Garlic & Parmesan Salad Dressing

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This cheesy, garlicky salad dressing will become a favourite for your children, as they will love its complex taste. It will turn even your boring salads into delicious treats.

Flavour Profile

Thick, creamy, tangy, with a dash of garlic.

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The creamy garlic & parmesan dressing is the best one-stop-solution to turn your dishes into flavourful delights. The creamy garlic & parmesan salad dressing, as the name goes combines the best of cheeses with the best of spices. It gives an amazing taste to your sandwiches, salads, and even poached meats.  

Made From

Garlic pressed olive oil and lemon pressed olive oil are taken in equal amounts and mixed together with balsamic vinegar, egg yolk, parmesan cheese, sugar, salt, Worcestershire sauce, oregano, and pepper. The ingredients are finely ground together until a consistent mixture is obtained. The thick, creamy dressing is then packed and shipped directly to you.

Best Used For

The creamy garlic, and parmesan salad dressing has a variety of uses. You can use it with your green salads, chicken salads, potato salad with bacon, egg, and spring onions, and even over poached salmon. It also makes an excellent dip for tortilla chips and a good spread over sandwiches. It is way better than regular mayonnaise and adds a garlicky punch to all your dishes. You can get creative and use it with your classic Caesar salad, or pasta salad with olives, on sundried tomatoes and vegetables.

Pairs With

The creamy dressing pairs well with olive oil, but since it already has olive oil in it, it can be used directly. 

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2 reviews for Creamy Garlic & Parmesan Salad Dressing

  1. Clara Daisy

    Alright, so finally I received this product today, and let me share the review. Since I was super-excited about this product, I had the mix of veggies already prepared. The room filled with the enticing aroma as I opened the bottle and drizzled it over the fresh greens. I took the first bite, and the heat from the chili, garlic, and parmesan flavors embraced my taste buds. No doubt, you should buy it, guys.

  2. Wong Kare

    Last week, I had a cozy dinner at my friend’s house. However, I liked everything she served on the dining table, but the item that amazed me was the salad. I asked her to share the recipe, and she simply handed me a bottle of creamy garlic and parmesan salad dressing. I got puzzled about how this single bottle can change the taste, and today, after using it myself, my question is the same. It’s so good!

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