Paprikaan Spinach

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Make restaurant style tasty Paalak paneer or Paalak chicken with the Mamaji’s special Paprikaan Spinach. The base paste is gluten free and vegan friendly. 

Flavour Profile

Mildly hot, slightly sour with a hint of bitter taste.

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Get Mamaji’s Paprikaan Spinach that acts as the perfect base for all your paalak dishes. Whether you want to sauté paneer, tofu, aloo and other vegetables or use it along with meat products, it is the perfect base to kick-start your cooking process. 

Made From

The green base is made from fresh spinach and chosen capsicums, basil and coriander while the flavour is provided by ginger, fennel seeds, sesame seeds, chilli, turmeric, lemon juice, and citric acid. It also contain Mamaji’s masala that can accentuate the taste of all your cooked foods. This is free from onion and garlic making it ideal for the preparation of Jain foods and for those who don’t want to consume those.

Best Used For

Mamaji’s Paprikaan Spinach can be used for your home preparation of tasty paalak dishes. It is the perfect base for aloo, paneer, tofu, dishes. Paprikaan spinach cut shorts your food preparation time and makes it easier for you to prepare food for those unannounced guests and evening hunger pangs. Similar to Mamaji’s Vindaloo, Paprikaan Spinach is a must-have in any kitchen as it makes cooking healthier and easier for you. 

It is a good source of fibre and goes well with meats such as chicken, mutton and pork too. Best used for making curries that go well with parathas, rotis, naan, and other Indian breads. Vindaloo also tastes good with steamed rice and sour-dough breads. 

 Pairs with

Mamaji’s Paprikaan Spinach can even be used as a dip for fries and vegetables. Taste of sautéed vegetables can be enhanced in seconds by mixing them along with the Paprikaan Spinach paste. 

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2 reviews for Paprikaan Spinach

  1. Clara Daisy

    I used it to sauté paneer and tofu and even made a delicious aloo dish with it. The best part is how it cuts down on my cooking time, perfect for those days when unexpected guests show up or when hunger strikes in the evening. Definitely, I’ll enjoy more flavorful items with it.

  2. Henry

    The fresh spinach and capsicums give it a vibrant green color! It looks as good as it tastes. But what I love the most about it is its suitability for my kitchen. This paste is onion and garlic-free, making it perfect for Jain foods or for those who prefer to avoid onions and garlic.

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