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Murray Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Experience the signature flavours of olives from the banks of Murray River.  This oil balances the long flavours with a hint of bitterness to give you the exquisite and fresh taste. 

Flavour Profile

Peppery, pungent with a hint of bitterness.

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Savour the unique flavours of the oil by using it for your salads, marinades, and other dishes. With a mildly pungent aroma and a slight bitter taste, it enhances the innate flavours of your meat and vegetables. Whether you prefer olive oil as a finishing condiment or as a cooking medium, it is a must have in your kitchen.

Made From

Murray Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the name suggests is derived by cold pressing the fresh olives from the Robinvale estate that is situated on the banks of Murray River in Australia. The slow pressing process gives the signature taste, aroma and the lengthy flavours of the olive oil. The flavoursome oil is a perfect addition to your list of oils and cooking fats. 

Best Used For

Use the extra virgin olive oil for your sautéing, cooking or even frying. The high smoking point ensures uniform frying and cooking of red meats, lean white meat or even for stir frying your vegetables. The oil gives the best flavour for cooking chicken, potatoes, cabbage, cauliflowers, and broccoli. Or you can use the oil as a dressing for your salads with roasted potatoes, avocados, and chicken. The oil can also be used for glazing chicken or beef before frying or grilling them.

Pairs With

The Murray Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil goes well with Honey, Soy & Garlic dressing that gives a unique bitter but flavourful taste to your foods. You can use the oil for marinating, glazing, cooking and frying of all your favourite foods for a better taste and essence.

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