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Late Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Savour the mild sweet and fruity flavours of the late harvest extra virgin olive oil. The carefully produced extra virgin olive oil maintains its slight bitterness with a hint of spicy flavour making it the ideal condiment to use for your salads as dressing. 

Flavour Profile

Mild sweet, fruity with a hint of spice and bitterness.


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Experience the fruity feel and spicy punch of the fully ripe olives. The carefully cold pressed extra virgin olive oil Savour the unique flavours of the oil by using it for your salads, marinades, and other dishes. With a slightly sweet aroma and a hint of bitterness, this olive oil acts as an excellent glazing and dressing for your favourite meats and salads. 

Made From

Made from ripe olives that are dark purple or black in colour, the Late Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes with darker golden tint making it an ideal salad dressing that enhances the flavour and colour of your salads. The fully grown and ripe olives also give a slight fruity and sweet flavour to the oil making it tastier. 

Best Used For

Use the Late Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil to marinate, sauté, cooking or fry chicken, pork and other meats. The slight fruity flavour accentuates the sweet and mild sour tastes of your salads. If you are looking for an ideal cooking companion that can be used for all your culinary endeavours, then look no further. Use it for frying and roasting fresh vegetables to give the unique fruity flavour. 

Pairs With

The Late Harvest Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil goes well with Honey & Mustard salad dressing that gives a sweet flavour to the foods. You can use it for marinating white meat and starchy vegetables like potatoes and carrots.


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