Jalapeno Hot Sauce


The perfect sauce to spice up your life is here. Add Grumpy Gary’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce to your dishes and get a spicy boost in all your meals. Use it over anything from seafoods, to vegetables, meats, and fruits.

Flavour Profile

Hot, Sweet, and Tangy

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The Gentle Tasting, 6/10 spicy hot sauce from Grumpy Gary is a fine blend of green Jalapenos with vinegar and other spices. The sauce saves you a lot of time cutting jalapeno peppers every time you prepare a spicy meal. Just add a few spoons of it to give your meats, tacos, breads, and vegetables that spicy kick they deserve.

Made From

Made using fresh Jalapeno Peppers, the recipe for this fine sauce incorporates vinegar, sugar, water, salt, garlic, and spices. The ratio of these ingredients is maintained a secret by Grumpy Gary’s, but no matter what it is, we get the best product from them.

Best Used For

The Jalapeno Hot Sauce comes in handy for a variety of cuisines. You might be thinking of adding it over your tacos, and burritos, the typical Mexican dishes, but, you can use the sauce to enhance all types of foods. Use it as a spread over your burger buns, sandwiches, and even over your pizza spread. Slather it over your breakfast omelette, or add a few drops over your scrambled eggs while cooking them. Mix it with your marinade and refrigerate for long term use. Spray it over salads, or brush it over grilled steak, pork, and chicken.

Pairs With

You can mix the Jalapeno Hot Sauce with mayonnaise to make spicy dips for nachos.


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