Smokey Hot Sauce

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If you are a fan of smoked grills, then you will love this Hot Sauce from Grumpy Gary’s. The Hot Smokey Sauce combines hotness with the smokey flavour that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Flavour Profile

Hot, Sweet, Tangy, and Smokey.

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Grumpy Gary’s Hot Smokey Sauce is a complex combination of flavours with the hotness dominating all of them. With a heat rating of 8/10, this sauce deserves a permanent place in your hot spices rack.  Added to the heat is the hickory wood smokiness that will remind you of your BBQ every time you use it. And the best of all, you can use it over any of your dishes, be it meats, vegetables, and even pizza.

Made From

Vinegar, red chillies, water, sugar, salt, liquid smoke, garlic, and spices are mixed together to produce this wonderful sauce. The exact proportions of the ingredients are maintained a secret by Grumpy Gary’s and you will have to taste it to find some clues.

Best Used For

Try the Hot Smokey Sauce on everything from eggs, bacon, rice, beans, and even pizza. Slather the sauce on the dough before loading it up with pepperoni and cheese to make a beautiful smelling pizza for dinner. Mix it with your marinade for ribs and get the smokey flavour even if you roast the ribs in an electric oven. Use it as a dip for your dry jerky or add some to a frying pan and roast vegetables like broccoli, beans, onions, tomatoes and more to whip out a healthy salad for your kids.

Pairs with

The Hot Smokey Sauce can be paired with Grumpy Gary’s other sauce varieties like Garlic Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, and even Jalapeno Sauce.



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2 reviews for Smokey Hot Sauce

  1. Richard

    Hot Smokey Sauce is a revelation for BBQ novices and seasoned grill masters alike! With its perfect balance of heat, sweetness, tanginess, and smokiness, this sauce transforms ordinary dishes into culinary masterpieces. Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ or whipping up a quick weeknight dinner, this sauce adds a delicious depth of flavor that will impress even the pickiest eaters.

  2. Komal Deshmukh

    I recently took Grumpy Gary’s Hot Smokey Sauce for an outdoor camping trip! This sauce is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures, whether you’re grilling up burgers at a tailgate or roasting marshmallows over an open flame. Its tantalizing blend of heat and smokiness adds a delicious twist to every bite, leaving you craving more. Trust me, no camping trip is complete without a bottle of Hot Smokey Sauce in your pack!

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