Garlicky BBQ Sauce


This BBQ sauce will hit your taste buds with a lot of flavour, for it is loaded with garlic, tamarind, dates and your favourite spices. Use it over your steaks, chicken, pork, and also sea foods such as shrimps, squids, and lobsters before putting them on the grill.

Flavour Profile

Sweet, and Tangy, with a bit of Spice.

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The Garlicky BBQ Sauce from Grumpy Gary is a signature sauce with a unique taste. Made with a mix of garlic and tamarind, the sauce packs both tanginess and hotness inside it. It is a must have if you love spicy foods and other condiments. Add it to your counter and use it generously over all your dishes. Gift it to your friends and let them know your elevated sense of taste in foods.

Made From

The Garlicky BBQ Sauce is made by mixing garlic, sugar, dates, water, salt, tamarind, liquid smoke, vinegar, mustard, canola oil, spices, and citric acid. The ingredients are ground together until a fine paste is obtained.

Best Used For

Use Grumpy Gary’s Garlicky BBQ Sauce as a marinade over meats such as beef ribs, pork, and chicken. Let the sauce sit for at least 4 hours so that it can seep through the meats adding its flavours. You can even baste the meats with the sauce to add that extra taste to them. The Garlicky BBQ Sauce is ideal to be used as a condiment too, use it gently over your pizza, lasagna, burger buns, sausages, and more.

Pairs With

The Garlicky BBQ Sauce pairs well with Balsamic Vinegar, Mayonnaise, to form a wonderful marinade or for an excellent dip.


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