The Ripper Hot Sauce 17/10 BURN


The Grim Reaper takes your soul, while The Ripper Takes away your taste buds. This is the hottest sauce from Grumpy Gary’s and you definitely want to taste it atleast once in your life! Beware, this is not for the faint-hearted. 

Flavour Profile

Spicy with a chance of tears from your eyes.

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The Ripper Hot Sauce is rightly named for it will rip your tongue apart for a while as you chew through this 17/10 hotness rating monster. Made with a combination of Carolina Peppers and Peri Peri chillies, this sauce is by far the hottest product from Grumpy Gary’s. Use it to challenge your friends for how much spice they can handle. Reward the winners with a glass of milk though, for they will definitely need it.

Made From

The Ripper Hot Sauce is made using 36% chillies. A combination of Carolina Peppers and Peri Peri Chillies make up this 36% and as you guessed it, it is hot! Garlic, vinegar, water, spices, sugar, and salt go into the mix too, but you will doubt if they are even there. 

Best Used For

This bottle of hot sauce is a perfect addition to your counters for you can use it over any dish from any kind of cuisine. Use it over your ramen by dabbing it on the bowl. Watch the broth change its colours to blood red as the spices seep into it. Mix it with your sausage meats before you stuff them. Sense the heat filling the room as you smoke the sausages. Add it to your marinades for beef, chicken, pork, and lamb.

Pairs with

The Ripper Hot Sauce can be paired with other Grumpy Gary’s Sauces like Garlic Hot Sauce, Smokey Hot Sauce, and more.


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