SAORI Tsuyu (Seaweed Soya) Japanese Sauce


Elevate your stir fried dishes, and marinade mixes with Saori’s Tsuyu; a Seaweed and Soya Sauce, a traditional delicacy in Japan. 

Flavour Profile

Briny, Umami rich flavour with a hint of Sweetness.

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The Award-Winning Tsuyu, or Seaweed Soy Sauce is a favourite across Japan, and is made from seaweed sourced from the seashores of Okinawa. The Seaweed is rich in minerals and fucoidan, a compound that gives it a slimy texture. The slightly sweet taste of the seaweed is mixed with the umami rich soy sauce to bring you the Tsuyu. Use it generously over any dish to incorporate rich flavours into them. It is also known as the Vegan Fish Sauce, for it brings that briny flavour to the table without the fishes.

Made From

Saori’s Tsuyu is made using dried seaweed mixed with authentic Soy Sauce. The seaweed is first sliced and added to a vegetable broth base and the mixture is heated up. Once boiled, soy sauce, sake, and mirin are added to the mixture to add texture. The result is a black, flavour-dense sauce, that is rich in minerals.

Best Used For

Saori’s seaweed-soy sauce has a lot of uses in your kitchen. Use it as a dipping sauce for your potato chips, nachos, and other snacks to get a briny twist in every bite. Use it instead of regular soy sauce, especially with sushi, sashimi, fried rice, noodles, atho, bejo, and more. 

Add a few drops of the sauce to your soup bowls for a briny aftertaste. Use it as a marinade for meats such as steak, pork, chicken, and fish. Sprinkle it over chicken caprese salad, Caesar salad, or even coleslaw for a sweet twist.

Pairs with

Saori’s Tsuyu can be paired with olive oil, spice mixes, marinade mixes, and more. Just a few drops of the sauce will do wonders to the mixes.

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