SAORI Japanese Rayu Chilli Sauce


Infuse fresh flavours of chillies and sesame oil into all your recipes with Saori’s Gluten Free, and Vegan Friendly Rayu Chilli Sauce. 

Flavour Profile

Hot, and Savoury, with a hint of Umami.

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Experience the rich taste of sesame seeds and chillies in your meals with Saori’s Japanese Rayu Chilli sauce. This 100% natural product is made using organic ingredients and can be used in a variety of dishes. It is a must have if you love Japanese and Chinese cuisine, for a few spoons of the sauce will add wonderful flavours to your rice, and noodles based dishes.

Made From

Saori’s Rayu Chilli sauce is made using ingredients such as rice bran oil, ginger, garlic, fried onions, brown sugar, soy sauce, chillies, sea salt, Tasmanian bull kelp, sesame seeds, and sesame oil. The ingredients are mixed together and heated until all the extracts concentrate into the sesame oil. The resultant product is a rich, flavour dense sauce which is packed and shipped to you.

Best Used For

The Rayu Chilli Sauce can be used on a variety of dishes spanning multiple cuisines. Drizzle the sauce over ramen, stir-fried vegetables, fried rice, and fried meats such as pork, steak, chicken, fish, and other sea foods to give them a spicy kick. Use it as dipping sauce for dumplings, sushi, & sashimi and taste the hotness with every bite. Slash it over pizzas and sandwiches before baking/toasting them or put a few teaspoons of the sauce inside your burgers along with mayo, and other sauces. Mix it with your spice marinade and apply over steak before barbequing it or apply it over chicken before baking it in your oven. The sauce compliments all the dishes with its hot and savoury flavour.

Pairs with

Saori’s Rayu Chilli Sauce can be paired with other sauces like Goma, Ponzu, and Tsuyu for enhancing their flavours.

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