SAORI Goma (Sesame Soya) Japanese Sauce

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Get the award winning Sesame & Soy Sauce made by Saori. Spice up all your dishes from salads to sushi, to sashimi with this vinaigrette.

Flavour Profile

Mildly sweet and sour with a dash of umami.

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Saori’s Goma or Sesame & Soy sauce is a unique blend of flavours that can be used over a variety of dishes. Soy sauce, being a staple in the east, adds a fine taste to dishes. The sauce combined with sesame seeds gives it an extra burst of flavour. It is a must have in your kitchen if you like whipping up instant dishes with simple ingredients. You can also gift this unique, vegan friendly sauce to your friends.

Made From

Japanese fermented soy sauce is mixed with sesame oil, brown sugar, sesame seeds, salt, and dried chilli, and let to ferment together. The result is a natural and highly aromatic sauce that is packed immediately to preserve the aromas.

Best Used For

Use it as a dressing over salads, and as stir-fry sauce over rice, noodles, and for frying all kinds of meats. It is perfect as a dipping sauce for dumplings and pierogis, and pairs well with sushi as well. Mix the sauce in your marinades to add a kick to your briskets, chicken, pork, and more. Add some grated ginger to the sauce to get that extra spiciness in your meals. Sprinkle it over tomato and avocado salad, or cut/sliced cucumbers to make a tasty snack for your children.

Pairs with

Saori Goma Sauce pairs well with extra virgin olive oil, rice based dishes, cabbage, and bell peppers. It is a seasoning, and hence, can be used over any dish of your choice.

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