ROBINSONS Manuka Honey & Eucalyptus Lozenges 30 pack

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Clear your sore throat with a blend of Manuka honey and eucalyptus, packed together in Robinsons Lozenges.

Flavour Profile

Sweet, and Minty.

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Robinsons Manuka Honey & Eucalyptus Lozenges are the nature based cure for your sore throat, cold, and other respiratory problems. Have them handy and pop them from time to time, to clear your respiratory tract, and breath free. It tastes so good that you will throw away all other candy in your home and fill up the jars with the lozenges.

Made From

Robinsons Manuka Honey & Eucalyptus Lozenges are made using Manuka Honey and Eucalyptus oil as base ingredients. Manuka honey is native only to Australia and New Zealand. They are collected in beehives placed near Manuka plants; from whose flowers the bees collect their nectars from. The rarity of the honey contributes to its high price. The lozenges are made by mixing Manuka Honey with eucalyptus oil and setting the mixture in moulds. The hardened candy is then packed and shipped from Australia to around the world.

Best Used For

The Manuka honey is packed with anti-inflammatory agents which are good for your body, while Eucalyptus is the best product to treat stuffy noses, and respiratory problems. By combining both these flavours the Lozenges help you fight off cold, and its related problems. Give the lozenges instead of sugar filled candy to your kids. It helps immunity development in the children. 

Pairs with 

Robinsons Manuka Honey & Eucalyptus Lozenges can be eaten as they are, without any supplements.



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2 reviews for ROBINSONS Manuka Honey & Eucalyptus Lozenges 30 pack

  1. Nick Wright

    During the peak of the winter season, cold and sore throats seem inevitable. Since I’ve got kids, I never forget to carry something in my bag that keeps them protected from the winter, and I can say that this honey eucalyptus lozenge is that one. Not only does it taste good, but it also has a great soothing effect on an irritated throat.

  2. KeyaJhaveri

    Honey is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and works great for an irritated throat. But since I can’t carry raw honey during winter travel, thanks to this handy alternative. The lozenges also have eucalyptus, which is highly effective in relieving respiratory issues, and it complements the honey perfectly.

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