Game Over Cocktail Mixer


A non-alcoholic mixer for your favourite drinks, it gives a unique flavour profile that gives you a bit of sweet, sour and definitely spicy taste. It elevates the taste of your cocktails and keeps you dumbfounded. 

Flavour Profile

Sweet, Savoury, Spicy and Sour.

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Grumpy Gary’s Game Over Cocktail Mixer is a unique product that takes you on a ride of flavours. While it is primarily made to be a non-alcoholic cocktail mixer, you will relish this on a number of your favourite foods. Either on roasted chicken or on your ice creams, Game Over Cocktail Mixer is an excellent taste enhancer.

Made From

The most unique and signature product of Grumpy Gary’s is made using the famous Carolina Reaper Chilli, Paprika extract and a lavish amount of lemon juice and sugar. The sweet, sour and hot flavour of the cocktail mixer will make it an ideal mixer for almost all dishes. The seemingly different tastes come together to give you the most exotic taste and experience in the form of this cocktail mixer.

Best Used For

While it is a cocktail mixer, you can savour it on top of ice creams, salads or even your barbeques. You can use it as a topping to give hot, sour and sweet taste to your cold ice creams. Enjoy the crazy taste by using it on your favourite meats, crispy bacon and roasted chicken. No one is stopping you from making a spicy hot lemonade with it.

Pairs With

Game Over Cocktail Mixer can be paired with a number of other products depending on the usage. You can use it as toppings, dips and glazing for your roasted meats. 


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