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Agrumato Garlic Olive Oil

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Add a tinge of garlic in all your dishes with this flavourful olive oil. Made using fresh garlic and extra virgin olive oil, this imported oil will take your food to new heights in taste.

Flavour profile

Fruity, grassy, and peppery with garlic aroma.

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Your healthiest option when it comes to flavoured olive oils, the garlic pressed extra virgin olive oil is rich in texture, has a fine aroma to it, and also an excellent flavour. It is a must have if you are health conscious about your food, and want to introduce your children to the taste of fresh garlic. Add it to all your salads, meats, breads, and pasta to bring out different tastes.

Made From

The Garlic Pressed Olive Oil is hand-made in the famous Robinvale estate in Australia. They source fresh garlic from their own farms and also make the olive oil themselves. The garlic is ground and mixed with extra virgin olive oil and let to rest. This is when the flavours begin spreading into the olive oil. The mixture is then cold-pressed and the oil is extracted to be sent to be bottled.

Best Used For

The garlic pressed olive oil is perfect as a salad dressing, or part of a vinaigrette. It can also be used to cook pastas, tender meats such as chicken, and turkey. Drizzle this over a fresh pizza and add the garlicky taste to it. Add it to slow-cooked spinach and greens, mashed potatoes, and also over fried mushrooms. Brush the oil over meats that are fresh over the grill to infuse the garlic flavour while cooking them. Mix it with mayonnaise or butter to make a tasty spread for your breads and sandwiches. 

Pairs With

The Garlic Pressed Olive Oil pairs well with a range of cheeses like parmesan, feta, blue cheese, etc. It also mixes well with mayonnaise, butter, and mustard.

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2 reviews for Agrumato Garlic Olive Oil

  1. Byron Redhead

    So, I recently hosted a party and decided to try something new with this garlic olive oil – I used it to marinate the chicken. Let me tell you, it was the best! The garlic aroma infused into the chicken, creating this mouthwatering scent that filled the air. And when my guests tasted it, they couldn’t get enough! The flavor was out of this world – fruity, peppery, with that irresistible garlic kick. It was a hit with everyone, and now they’re all asking for my secret ingredient.

  2. Komal Deshmukh

    The garlic aroma is so inviting of this oil, and when you taste it, you get this nice balance of fruity and peppery flavors. I love that it’s made with fresh ingredients, you know, natural garlic and olive oil, nothing fancy but it makes a big difference. I’ve been using it on everything to marinate my chicken dishes, and it just adds this extra depth of flavour that’s hard to beat.

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