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  • Agrumato Chilli & Garlic Olive Oil $19.00

    Relish the hot and spicy flavours of chillies and garlics in our extra virgin olive oil. Add it to your regular pastas and breads to give an exotic twist to them. Drizzle on foods or use it for stir frying, either way, you’re in for a treat of tastes. 

    Flavour Profile

    Hot, Spicy, with a fruity flavour.


  • Agrumato Chilli Olive Oil $19.00

    Experience the spicy flavours of chillies in this extra virgin olive oil. Ideal for all salads, pastas, and roasted vegetables. Use it as a marinade for your vegetables, white meat or as a glaze for your steak and bacon.

    Flavour Profile

    Spicy, pungent with slight bitterness.

  • Agrumato Garlic Olive Oil $19.00

    Add a tinge of garlic in all your dishes with this flavourful olive oil. Made using fresh garlic and extra virgin olive oil, this imported oil will take your food to new heights in taste.

    Flavour profile

    Fruity, grassy, and peppery with garlic aroma.

  • Agrumato Lemon Olive Oil $19.00

    Love squeezing fresh lime into your recipes? Then you will love this Lemon Pressed Olive Oil from Australia. Get it now and add the fragrant flavour to your dishes.

    Flavour Profile

    Sweet & Sour with fresh lime zest.

  • Agrumato Orange Olive Oil $19.00

    High quality olive oil infused with the citrus juices of orange is the perfect base for your dishes. Use it all round the year to bring the summer feeling inside your home.

    Flavour Profile

    Sweet, Tangy, & Refreshing.

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